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Daisy Dress

Daisy Dress

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진짜 제 원픽, 강력추천 너무 우아한 드레스에요

아래 레이스마감이 귀여움을 두배로 잡아줘요~

한국에서 품절대란/리오더가 여러번 나서 정말 구해오기힘들었답니다...

아마 저희는 리오더 힘들지않을까요.....

특별한 날이나 생일이나 뭔가 스페셜한 날이 온다 하시는분들 서둘러주세요!

배송은 7월 8일부터 나가요~ 

사이즈 꼭 확인해주세요!  모델사이즈는 9입니당


Truly my top pick, highly recommended—it's such an elegant dress!

The lace trim at the bottom adds an extra touch of cuteness

It was really hard to find in Korea due to frequent sellouts/reorders...

We might have a hard time with reorders too...

For those planning a special day or birthday, hurry! Shipping starts from July 8th~ Please make sure to check the size! 🌟💃🎉

Shipping starts on July 8th. ✨


Model 👧 - Size 9

115cm, 20kg

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