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Cream Waffle Set

Cream Waffle Set

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Color: Yellow


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모르는분없게해주세요 🥹

이거 입고 키즈카페갔더니 지나가는 분들한테 귀엽다고 한시간에 두번꼴로 들었습니다....

바쁜 엄마아빠를 위한 꾸안꾸스타일이라고 할게요 


🌟 Adorable Toddler Fashion Alert! 🌟

Introducing our latest toddler clothing set - perfect for playdates or lounging at home. Made with ultra-soft fabric and vibrant colors, it's all about comfort without compromising style! Mix & match for endless adorable looks.

<Size Chart>

Top (Width/Length):

  • 80: W28cm, L29cm
  • 90: W29.5cm, L31cm

Pants (Waist/Hip/Length):

  • 80: W18cm, H27cm, L17cm
  • 90: W19cm, H28cm, L18.5cm
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