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Flower Printing Hairclip(1p)

Flower Printing Hairclip(1p)

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Color: Yellow

 부드러운 원단이 특징인 이 프린팅핀은 두루두루 인기가 많답니다

실제로 보았을때 너무 과하지도 않고 은은한 매력을 느낄수있어요

핀은 한피스 가격이에요
노랑과 초록 두가지 색상중에 하나를 골라주세요
길이는 10.5cm입니다 :)

This printing hairclip stands out with its soft fabric, widely loved for its subtle charm that's neither too much nor too little when you see it in person.

Price is for 1 piece of hairclips

Length 10.5cm

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